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This collection refers to the instability of the times we live in within the framework of the COVID 19 pandemic, sometimes locked up and other times with freedom, nothing is as it was, everything has changed. Intuition makes it best to remain still, standing still and motionless, while life continues to go by at high speed, especially in digital and virtual environments.

With this proposal, a trip is made through a decadent virtual environment, in a video game format with the models convulsed and paralyzed in time, our time. Many of the garments on display are designed and made using the experimental pattern design method Accidental Cutting, the intellectual property of Eva Iszoro, designer and founder of the Accidental Cutting brand.

This time the experimentation also extends to the textile design of prints, scanning everyday objects, many of them worthless such as brushes, rulers, plastic bags, which are mixed with pieces of Accidental Cutting jewelry methacrylate cutouts and the brand’s label.

In this collection, a single avatar is used, that of Eva Iszoro, that becoming the virtual reproduction of the designer in an element that actively participates in the show.

The music was composed by Johnny Paradiso @johnnyinparadise


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