LYPH is a contemporary brand based in North West England under the Creative Direction
of Founder Frederick Edmondson. LYPH stands for Live Young Play Hard which is the guiding
philosophy of the brand. Living Young is an attitude and mindset that builds energy and
dynamism to support creativity, curiosity, progressive thoughts, and openness to new ways of
doing things and experiences.
For Frederick Edmondson, Playing Hard is about making your work your play, aligning your
passions and doing the things you love. LYPH was created for the here and now, in keeping
with culture and context. While respect for the past is important, recreating the past is not and it is
this outside-of-the-box novel thinking that underpins the brand’s design philosophy.
LYPH is not just about clothes, it is a physical manifestation and expression of Edmondson’s values on life.
For Spring Summer 2022 LYPH continues to be a lifestyle for the artistic, brave and downright crazy…

For SS22 LYPH went back in to its past and reflected on what got Edmondson onto the arts in the first place.
Poetry, Freedom and a medium to express yourself.

Still in some sort of lock down, cannot travel, world’s in what feels like a crazy mess, figuring out a new way
to express, live and play. Edmondson went back to teenage movies that inspired, music tours that pushed
boundaries and art direction that paved away for him to create.
The bigger aspect is to design a collection for a brave new world with a desire to be cleaner and more

The base ideas and themes of the collection were built around Dylans 1975 tour Rolling Thunder
(MEANING: To Speak The Truth). We teamed this with a longing to travel back to Japan and the US. To merge
traditional with western, Komono with Cowboy and pop cultures.

Direction came from cult films such as, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, True Romance, David Lynch movies,
The strange meets the pretty. Post Punk New Wave meets the LA pretty boy…

Up-cycled Surplus layered with animal print and recycled polyester track suits. Penny loafers next to kids
recycled beads…

An idea of chaos for that new forward thinking society.

The result is a brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manor.

To Live Young and Play Hard.


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