Azura Lovisa & Touching Bass – Moment, Momentum

Azura Lovisa & Touching Bass – Moment, Momentum

Join us for ten minutes of collective dreaming through music, dance, and beauty, holding space for celebration, energy, optimism, and connection. The film is a collaboration with Touching Bass – a musical movement and record label with an emphasis on soulful music and community. With the ethos ‘movement is freedom,’ Touching Bass recognizes the potential of club nights as sanctuaries. In situating a dance party within the contemporary mythology imagined by Azura Lovisa, we invite participation in a dance of creation – the creation of alternative futures ripe with energy and spirit, in poetry and power.

CHILD Studio
Tayo Rapoport
Joshua Renaut
Buster Grey-Jung

Touching Bass – Alex Rita and Errol Anderson
Featuring music by Leaux and Arnheim

TONI&GUY International Artistic Director Philipp Haug and the TONI&GUY Session Team using label.m Professional Haircare

Mee Kee Song

Makeup assistants:
Kimie Yashiro
Jade Harris
Hanna Friedrich
Hanna Gudnadottir

Tiffany Chan
Rohan Ayinde
Aiman Esham
Renuka Ramanujam
Gazel Lee
Jordan Ajadi
Diana Baranda
Alicia Pope
Errol Anderson
Alex Rita

Zaineb Abelque

Birgit Toke Tauka Frietman
Tanaporn Wongsa

Creative direction:
Azura Lovisa

Thanks to the British Fashion Council, interns Danai Makatore and Vicky Bivol for support, and Akinola Davies for planting the seed.


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