Orion Sun – Concrete (Official Video)

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No shade but you gonna see
How you gonna through dirt on my name jeez?
Nigga please
I know that you proud of me
Sprouting from the underground through the concrete
Baby go slow when you ridin me
Take your time with me
Makin honey drip down like a bumble bee
Fuck me like she proud of me

They waiting to see
All eyes still on me
But I know somewhere you so proud of me (of me)
It’s all I can see
Means so much to me

Holding hands when I need a break
I don’t know how much more I can take
Need to meditate
No never go away
Trying to be my best, what more can I say?
Yeah I’m on the road but I’m not alone
Told you on the phone
If you need it and I got it, no it’s not a loan
Want to help before I go

They waiting to see
All eyes still on me
But I know somewhere you so proud of me (of me)
Its all I can see
Means so much to me

Remember waiting for ya
At the train stop
I put new songs on my ipod
I wanna show em to ya, I like what you think
I like when you smile, when you hear me sing.
Remember back then?
We was burning through some packs on the corner
Like some gargoyles laughing
Pigybacking, you was proud
After the show you took me out
They waiting to see
All eyes still on me
But I know somewhere you so proud of me (of me)
It’s all I can see
Means so much to me

Clouds broke, now it’s raining on me
My ancestors yeah they watch over me
Watering me
Watching me grow

Song credits:
Written by Tiffany Majette and Rostam Batmanglij
Produced by Rostam Batmanglij
Engineered by Joey Messina-Doerning and Rostam Batmanglij
Recorded at Matsor Projects Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Drum Programming, Wurlitzer, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synth, and Hammond Organ by Rostam Batmanglij
Drums by Joey Messina-Doerning
Baritone Saxophone by Henry Solomon
Mixed by Tom Elmhirst at Electric Lady Studios. Engineer for mix Matt Scatchell
Mastered by Joe [email protected] Sound

video credits:
Director: Morian Thomas
Producer: Farah Idrees
Producer: Jagger Corcione
DP: Jacob “Kuba” Bojsza
Creative Director: Orion Sun
1st AC: Adam Lee
2nd AC/Loader: Maud Laurent
Steadicam: Zac Stanke
Key Grip: Kevin Woodruff
BBG: Kyle Schumacher
PA:  Jake Gonzalez
PA: Garo K
HMU: Kasha Lassien
BTS: Tyler Borchardt
Editor: Peter McCain
VFX: Matt Westrich
Sound Design: Ayo Douson
Colorist: Tamarcus Brown
Executive Producer: McCray Sutherlin
Production Co: Muddy Water

Gardener #1: Rommel Casanova
Gardener #2: David Gary
Gardener #3: Catherine Lydon
Gardener #4: Michelle Brown


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