Ep. 1 – How Black Models Broke Through The Glass Ceiling | Supreme Models

The world of fashion was forever changed when Black models burst onto America’s runways in the 60’s. We’re looking at the trailblazers who smashed ceilings and opened doors for a world of beautiful Black models to thrive in. Watch the heartfelt tribute to the first Black supermodel Donyale Luna and 60’s icon Pat Cleveland discusses how she fought racism to break into the industry via Ebony. Also on hand to discuss colorism and the business of modeling are Joan Smalls, Aweng Chuol, Mayowa Nicholas, Beija Velez, Damaris Lewis, Indya Moore, Poppy Ajudha, Shalom Blac, Lois Samuels, Duckie Thot, Jeneil Williams, Jazzelle Zanaughtti, Ebonee Davis, and Precious Lee.

Supreme Models is a 6-part documentary. New episodes premiere Mondays.

Music Featured:

“Silent Shout”
Written by Karin Elisabeth Dreijer and Olof Bjorn Dreijer
Performed by The Knife
Courtesy of Rabid Records Ltd

“Clap Clap”
Written by Paige Stevenson and Finn George
Performed by NCognita
Courtesy of Raedio

“On Like The Radio”
Written by Vanessa Renee Jackson
Performed by Ms Vame
Courtesy of Beatclub

0:00 Intro
1:38 She’s Killing It
3:23 The 1960’s: Where It Began
7:25 Zendaya on Donyale Luna
10:04 Pat Cleveland’s Story
12:29 Ebony Fashion Fair
14:46 Colorism
17:50 Black Is Beautiful


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