DiscoveryLAB presents: Ester Kubisz – Bye Bye Baby

DiscoveryLAB presents: Ester Kubisz – Bye Bye Baby

ESTER KUBISZ’s collection of signature suits and seasonal knit garments

It’s about a suit, about London, about pretence, about relationships, about masochism, about truth, about juxtapositions.
It’s a signature collection.
It’s a study of a form.
It’s an expression.
It’s art.

It’s a love story, a flashback, a reminiscence of the past 11 years of Kubisz’s life in London. Chronicle written in the stitches.

It’s a collage that merges Kubisz’s signature suits with a selection of knitted seasonal garments.
Simple cut tops and a dress with organic, asymmetric slits that compliment and offset the elaborateness of the suits.

Director, Camera, Edit: Piotr Sell
Music: Mi Ami
Model: Koi @Dam Models, Ester Kubisz

Text: Ester Kubisz


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