Zerb & The Chainsmokers – Addicted ft. Ink (Official Video)

Zerb & The Chainsmokers – Addicted ft. Ink

Listen to “Addicted” here: https://found.ee/addicted

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Director: Hunter Lyon
Producer: Pokey Spears
Production Company: ENGINE
Creative Director: Austin Bell
Cinematographer: Andrew Fronczak
First AC: Cameron Campbell
Gaffer: Sasha Motivala
Drone: Graham Merwin
Prod. Coordinator: Kyle Jennings
Key PA: Kyle Freudenberg
Stunts: Lucas Passey, Jesse Clark
Cheyenne Clark, Cody Schneiter,
Megan McClintock, Anna Hagen, Mikel Guteinnez
Wardrobe Stylist: Blake Hardy
Photographer: Jack Dawe
BTS: Jeremiah Davis
Editor: Hunter Lyon
Colorist: Andrew Fronczak
Special Thanks: Call Of The Wyld, Backcountry Safaris


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