Ronald van der Kemp – WARDROBE 13 | RVDK

Ronald van der Kemp – WARDROBE 13 | RVDK

RVDK Ronald van der Kemp
Wardrobe #13
26 January 2021

Has the world gone mad?
The art of sustainability
Couture as a mindset in a tumultuous world
Collaging trash into treasure
Couture – Art – Objects – Pictures

Movie ‘Behind closed doors’
A surreal, glamorous and nostalgic reverie, featuring eccentric characters going haywire, residing in their suites and roaming the corridors
in an almost abandoned Hotel de L’Europe*****

‘The world is full of beautiful things we can’t see anymore,
because we are too busy to consider them or too rookie to appreciate them.’

We used felted textile trash made from discarded uniforms developed by ‘i-did’, molding a corset in one seamless piece
and trimming it with a border of handwoven leftover metal chains.

We brought back the ‘Boucherouite’ weaving technique we introduced a year ago, working again with ‘Carpet of Life’, creating intricate 3D textiles
with leftover fabric scraps to replace fur and fake fur.

We gave new meaning to vintage wall coverings, leftover couture fabrics, antique kimonos, surplus feathers, fringes and beads
and turned them into dresses, pillows, art and accessories.

We created elaborate pieces of textile art from scraps
by collaging, hand painting, dyeing, quilting, appliqueing, embellishing, hand weaving and embroidering.
We reimagined discarded hotel ‘paintings’ – printed reproductions of Dutch masters – into new works of art.


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