Visible Mending – Sashiko & Patching

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Visible mending has been something of an interest to me since my second year at University where I learnt about its benefits towards leading a more sustainable life and creating a connection with your clothes. Whilst I am still learning myself with every repair I have made a video teaching you a bit about visible mending through the technique known as sashiko and patching.

Sashiko and patching are centuries old techniques that were used in rural Japan by farmers and peasants to mend their clothes – also known as ‘boro’. Most of them were unable to afford new clothes and so would instead patch and mend the ones they already owned. What was once seen as a shameful display of poverty is now being cherished as a remarkable piece of textiles history.

Boro – Literally translating to rag or ‘boroboro’ for tattered. These were the items that were patched and stitched onto and passed down for generations in a family, usually items of clothing but also objects such as blankets. What may have seemed worthless is now priceless and treasured.

Sashiko – Japanese embroidery. Usually a running stitch in terms of repairing however has so many varieties of decorative stitches!

Please enjoy this video. Put on some music or a film and get slowing down!

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