Taylor Swift – Paris (Official Lyric Video)

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Written by Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff

Your ex-friend’s sister met someone at a club and he kissed her
Turns out it was that guy you hooked up with ages ago, some wannabe Z-lister
and all the outfits were terrible
2003 unbearable
Did you see the photos?
No, I didn’t but thanks though

I’m so in love that I might stop breathing
Drew a map on your bedroom ceiling
No, I didn’t see the news
Cause we were somewhere else
Stumble down pretend alleyways
Cheap wine make believe it’s Champagne
I was taken by the view
Like we were in Paris
Like we were somewhere else
Like we were in Paris
We were somewhere else

Privacy sign on the door
And on my page and on the whole world
Romance is not dead
If you keep it just yours
Levitate above all the messes made
Sit quiet by my side in the shade
And not the kind that’s thrown, I mean
The kind under where a tree has grown


I want to brainwash you into loving me forever
I want to transport you to somewhere the culture’s clever
Confess my truth in swooping, sloping, cursive letters
Let the only flashing lights
Be the tower at midnight
In my mind

We drew a map on your bedroom ceiling
No, I didn’t see the news
Cause we were somewhere else
In an alleyway
Drinking Champagne
Cause we were in Paris
Yes, we were somewhere else
My love, we were in Paris
Yes, we were somewhere else

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Paris (Lyric Video). © 2022 Taylor Swift

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