Susan Fang’s Autumn Winter collection 2021 ‘AIR-TIME’ is an exploration of our curiosity about time. 2020 was a year that felt like time was passing and there was no way to stop it. Time is a human construct, always going forward, and everything is measured by it. Is time more flexible than what we think it is?

Based on Carlo Rovelli’s book “The Order of Time”, it explains how time does not exist in the way we imagine. The experience of time is a creation of our mind. The “present” is just a concept and basically nonsensical, Susan believes. Our perception of time comes from our subjective view of the world, it is a core part of what gave us our identity as humans.

For the presentation of AW21 ‘AIR-TIME’, SUSAN FANG recorded the collection using a photography method developed in 1850, revealing the process from start to finish.

Mixing the past and the present, the collodion picture is our hu
man understanding of time restricted to its construct. Susan records the process via her phone, watching the images appear on the glass as the natural surroundings reflect on the water in the trays. Susan wanted to capture the mixing of two events, combining both to create a layered visual story of accidental beauty, to bring a message of breaking out from this frame of “time” into an imagined surreal world.

SUSAN FANG explores her signature bubble pieces by creating fountain headpieces that look like splashes of water frozen in time, floating in midair. The bubble accessories look as though they are moving freely, unrestricted by gravity, floating and captured in the moments of movement.

Textiles are a huge part of the SUSAN FANG aesthetic which is explored each season. For AW21, SUSAN FANG created a new sustainable textile innovation called “Air-Ribbon”, a no waste making process to create tiny balloon type surface textures in coloured tulle and ribbon.

SUSAN FANG’s recent additions of the precious metal accessory range features new word engravings of “Love” “Enlightenment” and “Forever” on lotus flowers and leaves inspired by the natural flora found on Susan’s travels. These golden jewelry elements are interchangeable and can transform as crystal bubble bag handles, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The jewelry acts as blessings and spiritual release from our inner confinements.


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