Steven Passaro | Ready to wear Spring-Summer 2023

Steven Passaro | Ready to wear Spring-Summer 2023

It is from the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bassel Van der Kolk that Steven draws his inspiration for this new spring-summer 2023 collection.
A will for personal expression and collective consciousness about our modern lives.
Steven asks us and revolts: Are we really living?

(…)The brain can process only one emotion at a time, but our body keeps the score of everything unfelt. Like a blank canvas, from our birth, our unfelt emotions imprint throughout our life on our body(…)

Photography: Clemens Klenk
Video: Daniel Feinstenauer
Music: David Stolzenberg
Digital: Anna Schefberger
Hair: Yolette Bouchar

Make-up: Marie Dufresne
Styling: Pauline Grosjean
Models: Malek Ben Becher from M Managment / Babacar Gueye from theClaw / Clotilde
Performers: Chiara Monteverde / Marco Labellarte
Casting Director : Remi Felipe
Voice Over: Mominatu Boog
Steven Passaro Studio : Antonia Koenigs, Marion Dufour, Jewel Suard
Press office: Caroline Charles Communication


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