Soeren Le Schmidt’s AW22 Fairytale

Soeren Le Schmidt’s upcoming AW22 show will show the designer’s well-known signature old-
school tailoring combined with feminine dresses and cuts as well as various items with a more

streeted touch. Soeren Le Schmidt has prepared most of the collection in leftover fabric from the
furniture company Alton & Heim. This sustainable approach to the collection has been used by
the designer in recent years, in order to reduce the stock of fabrics around the world.
Soeren Le Schmidt’s AW22 show will be held in one of Tivoli Garden’s most iconic rides during
Copenhagen Fashion Week. HC Andersen’s “Den Flyvende Kuffert” will be the location for the
show itself and also HC Andersen’s fairytales has been the designer’s inspiration for the
collection. Soeren Le Schmidt believes that HC Andersen’s approach to storytelling fits in
extremely well in 2022, even though it is more than 130 years since HC Andersen put his last
sentence in his fairytales. – But precisely HC Andersen managed to create universal figures that
speak to readers across ages and different languages and cultures.
The common thread through the authorship runs the desire to belong, fit in and be recognized,
whether the main character is an ugly duckling, a chimney sweep or a young, aspiring artist.
H. C. Andersen’s adventures and stories transcend the time-bound and the personal.

Soeren Le Schmidt’s approach to design matches HC Andersen’s approach to adventure and
storytelling technique. No matter who you are and what you come from, the designer can create
something beautiful for you and is always based on the person’s personality, figure and taste,
which the designer finds extremely exciting. In this way, you as a designer are constantly evolving
and must constantly challenge your own creativity, which is a hugely exciting and rewarding
Soeren Le Schmidt’s AW22 collection is primarily kept in black and white, but with a simple
petroleum blue color splash. The textiles are, as you know, primarily leftover fabrics and also
heavier durable textiles, which are very long lasting.

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