Remi Wolf – Guerrilla (Official Video)

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Director: Nathan Castiel
Creative Director: Haley Appell
Production Company: Our Secret Handshake
Executive Producer: Laura Burhenn
Producer: Erikx DiSantis
Cinematographer: Justin McWilliams
Editor: Nathan Castiel
Colorist: Dylan Hageman
AD: Erikx DiSantis
1st AC: Paolo Arriola
2nd AC: Jacqui Carriere
Gaffer: Sven Van Ostrand
Key Grip: Brad Powers
BBG: Valfrie Tabian Jr
BBE: Peter Garland
Production Design: Nathan Castiel & Simone Moscovitch
Art Direction: Simone Moscovitch
Set Dressers: Dillon Ramage, Sydney Weinberger, Xavier Martinez
Art Assistant: Jared Piller
Art Intern: Bobby Strong
Miniatures: Graham Epstein
Airbrush Artist: Halsey Chaplin
3D Animations: Kevin Biss
Production Coordinators: Brianna Liebling & Alisha Erozer
PAs: Laurence Geronilla & Hannah Geronilla

Management: Sophie Lev & Alfredo Tirado for Take And Thrown
HMUA: Francie Tomalonis
Stylist: Haley Appell
Costumes + Background Stylist: Brooke Yasman @baroque_yasman

Bolo Tie Guy: Rocky Peterson

Hipster Boys:
Bobby Strong
Parris Calkin
Sam Victoria
Kazden Watkins
Mac Goodspeed
Ezra Bantum
Leben Bleasdale
Cooper Wehde
Paul Cherewick
Max Poscente
Octovio Cruz
Mackenzie Keane

Remi Fans:
Jared Solomon
Conor Malloy
Gigi Grombacher
Fia Oruene
Lydia Oweis
Kayla Bockovec
Bryan Taira
Chloe Frances Woodard
Livana Oweis
Willa Rydall
Lu Walstad
Katherine E Hobson
Elise Metcalf
Schuyler Mitchell
Lauren Lee
Bridget Gautrau
Genevieve Geller
Jake Coury
Noah Gallagher


Show up to the party
it’s guerrilla
With an itty bitty chance of having a good time
Sip sip sippin’ margaritas
Spillin’ like a villain
Better whip out the swiffer

Hiding my mind smoke away depression
Damn that guy he keeping me guessin’
Bolo tie wise he making impressions
Look like my exes

They good, they tight
They pull me under
East side guys
They bring the thunder

She the best, she the best when she move it
Shake it too hard and she just might lose it
Bubblegum, bubble butt, bubble gum
She the crazy one going ape shit dumb

Hiding her mind smoke away depression
Damn that guy he keeping her guessin’
Bolo tie why’s he making impressions
Look like her exes

They good, they tight
They pull her under
East side guys
They bring the thunder
They good, they tight
They pull her under
East side guys
They bring the thunder

I really like you when I
Stare into both of your eyes
Even though I’m terrified
It’s so right, yeah
You just do what you like
You feel like simpler times
Yeah you be hugging my mind
It’s so right, yeah

Guerrilla guerrilla! [x3]
Guerilla bitch

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