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Modern Nomads


Lifestyle of Mongolian Nomads.
Carpet. Rug. Blanket.

The simple nomadic way of life, the grasslands that live in it, and the monotonous nature are the main factors that determine the nomads’ thinking, such as world outlook and cosmology.

The perception of nature and rational thinking are also based on this. Herding and hunting were carried out by collective cooperation at that time, which had a decisive influence on the formation of the Mongolian nation’s collective concept and mutual cooperation spirit.

The nomads’ room decoration, carpets, blankets and other items they carry with them are symbols of “protection” and “a part of normal daily life” throughout the collection.


This season brings new silhouettes that are both elegantly feminine and sculpted. The use of wide shoulders in tunic suits and Tibetan robes for female.
A bold and colorful expression of PRONOUNCE’s structured fashion language.
The fitted pants features handcrafted seams and binding for a matt finish.
Exaggerated shoulder and sleeves length, shredded sweater. Plenty of textures are used on the surface. Brutal form, weightiness and textured textiles.


It is the color on the prairie and all the decorative patterns in the yurt.
Powerful, strong, natural color with high saturation. Soft black and dry white.
Meticulous craftsmanship bring deeper and multi-dimensional changes to color. The traditional rules of associativity are discarded and ignored. Chartreuse, all shades of yellow from sprouting to warm, orange, sapphire blue, fruity yellow, aqua, brick red, black-grey diamond glow on wool fabric.


The combination of different materials and components of the fabric.
Faux fur diamond pattern jacquard fabric blended with baby Camel and silk.
Extra long wool and mohair blend Mongolian craftsmanship shredded sweater.
Tunic suit and three-dimensional ring belt loose wool blanket coat made from wool blankets produced by Inner Mongolia wool textile factory in 1980.
Sweater fabric is exclusively developed wool sweater loop fabric, plastic bottle recycled and degradable PET cotton fabric
3D imitation snakeskin pattern, hand-painted textured wool with excessive lines.
Shape quilted cotton, high density metallic embroidery.


The printing of ethnic minority blankets and traditional old blankets in the 1980s is the main visual continuation.
The enlarged print of the diamond texture is interestingly sandwiched in it.
A handcrafted square logo representing PRONOUNCE in Chinese “珀琅汐” which inspired by vintage logo tags of the 90s.


The three-dimensional wool jacquard hat inspired of tank hats in the 1980s.
Faux fur and wool blend three-dimensional clutch in the shape of a tank hat.
Chinese 80’s style Canvas Geometric Jacquard Belt.
Metallic accessories and bone shape necklace developed exclusively by artist UNDETECTED. Artist UNDETECTED focused on hand-twisted earring, necklace and chunky rings, rough and rustic, with foil covered, a lot of irregular turquoise, opal, onyx and other natural minerals are combined with ring inlays, the fusion of silver metal and black rubber.

The life of nomads is always migrating, and it is not easy to lose some precious things embedded in the utensils. It also reflects the instinct simplicity of the Mongolian people and their enthusiasm for nature.

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