Paris Texas – BULLET MAN (Official Video)

“BULLET MAN” by Paris Texas


Directed By Aus Taylor
Written By Paris Texas
Produced By Ryan Hahn

Official Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
call me freddy ruger
actin’ nuts
i left that boy neutered
my bitch got a blick
she’s no heroine
shooting up her ex man
we gon’ bury him
i can win this fight no hands
run up *click-clack* then bam
i got blood over my vans
i got merch for all of yo fans
with the glock feel like john wick
on your grave where i’m taking my piss
wanna play now you’re in a ditch
twin twenty my vision don’t miss
like a porno
i’m the first person shooting like go-pro
headshot but it’s not no photo
wanna TAKE ON ME til i hop off drawing
heart ice cold n the shit not thawing
say it don’t spray it i spit with the uzi
one shot two shot left him oozing
now niggas looking like “who the fuck is he”

shoot ‘em up
shoot ‘em up
shoot ‘em up
shoot ‘em up

[Verse 2]
I am so scared of that man in the mirror
That man in the mirror is so much damn realer
Than half of you niggas, Go figure go figure
Go figure out, How you got in that position
Bent over, And fucked by the industry
System, The government, told you govern a pistol
A whole ‘nother, Issue that came out
This week, New Magazine read ’em and weep
(gun sound)
Watching y’all fold, Mission complete
This ain’t no punch, No bob n’ weave
I got the kick, Deadstock no crease
C-notes, That’s all in my denim my jeans
In my DNA, I got this black powder
Inside of my veins, Keep flirting wit death
Might end up, At first base this trigger
Will take your, Brain out for a date
Little bitch

shoot ‘em up
shoot ‘em up
shoot ‘em up
shoot ‘em up

Shoot out the Whip
Shoot at the kid
Shoot at the bitch
Wait reload the clip
Choppa won’t miss
Blicky won’t miss
40 won’t miss
Wait Reload the clip

#BulletMan #ParisTexas

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