Reality, lucid dream, the power to live it all.

As the boundaries established between worlds dissolve, just like our conventions, we must choose and define our relationship with reality. Our awakened journey begins in the real world, the daily routine of a world that we endure, punctuated by interactions, encounters, and battles.

But where reality limits us, the world of dreams opens up the field of possibilities. An escape on the pillow, we dream of our future without suffering the consequences. We close our eyes and let the dream guide us, open us up, and sometimes even engulf us. To sleep in order to accomplish.

In a world where we are told that nothing is possible, it is important to continue dreaming in order to move forward and change things. The strenght of the sleeping world will allow us to surpass ourselves in the awakened world. Awakened and revealed, our paths are traced with force.

In this dream filled with hope, a dress code with deliberately 90’s inspirations is spreading. A period when grunge reshuffles the cards. A pervasive pessimism, like a bitter taste of metal.

Take power with little but with force. This is what we celebrate.

Our collection is imbued with a tailored spirit to these grunge uniforms of “the school of life”. Flare pants, crop-tops, ample materials, we say yes to the relics of a committed time. Dream to reality, the contrast is also played out in the sleeves. The oversize will conceal the bodies. The argyle comes to play as an emblem of the present time.

The eyelids are closing, the eyes move as we enter paradoxical sleep. We play with overlays for a colorful wardrobe like a surreal synesthesia, living in the cuts, colors and prints, as the dream sets the pace.

Freed from reality, our identities blur, generations blend. X Y Z Alpha will explore several worlds and take power. Dreams as well as nightmares shape our beliefs and will take us forward.

We just need to believe.



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Solid Homme Fall/Winter 2023 Collection - Paris Fashion Week Men's

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