OTTOLINGER Autumn Winter 2021

OTTOLINGER Autumn Winter 2021 – Christa Bösch & Cosima Gadient

Video Art Direction/CGI – New Format
Video Directed by Felix Aaron
VFX Lead – Felix Geen
Styling – Ursina Gysi
Hair/Make-up Video – Adiam Habtezion
Casting – Julia Lange Casting
Lyrics – Rhea Dillon
Music – Ville Haimla
Artworks by Cheyenne Julien
Selected shoes – collaboration Ottolinger x Ugo Paulon
Production – Miriam-Leah Hess
DoP – Julian Jonas Schmitt
Assistant Camera – Malte Siepen
Assistant Hair/Make-up – Andri Omori
Maidatou Agbere, Marie Berger, Isabelle Breska, Zoe Brüggenwerth, Esra Cümert, Yvonne Du, Valentine Valero, Lakota Wijonarko


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