ok let’s talk about the Bridgerton costumes…

ok let’s talk about the Bridgerton costumes...

ok let’s talk about the Bridgerton costumes…


Noted Sources:

Regency Etiquette: The Mirror of Graces (1811)
A History of English Dress from the Saxon Period to the Present Day by Georgiana Hill
Queen Charlotte’s Dress at Kew Palace


How Bridgerton’s Costume Designer Put Together Its Gaudiest, Tackiest Dresses (on Purpose)

7,500 Pieces and 5 Months of Prep: What It Took to Create Bridgerton’s Costumes

How Accurate Are These Costumes, Exactly?

‘Bridgerton’: Ellen Mirojnick Made 7,500 Costume Pieces for the Period Netflix Series https://www.indiewire.com/2020/12/bridgerton-costumes-ellen-mirojnick-netflix-1234606338/

On Bridgerton, Underwear Is Crotchless & The Corsets Are Divine

Bridgerton Features 7,500 Glorious Costume Pieces

‘Bridgerton’ Costume Designer Brings High Fashion Influences to Shonda Rhimes’ Regency Era

How Netflix’s Bridgerton Reimagines Regency Dressing In The Most Vibrant of Ways

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