Meryem Aboulouafa – Deeply (Official Video)

Meryem Aboulouafa – Deeply (Official Video)


When I take you by your hand
Share with you the depth in me
What hurts, what causes pain
Madness, sadness, bane
All the crazy things, insane
I don’t like when you judge
I don’t like, I don’t like
Isn’t a day made of dark and light?
See things


I want you to tolerate paradoxical acts
And try to understand
Human complexity and fight
Between faith
Reason and heart
Needs and wants
And admit that we are made
Of tears and smiles
Wrong and right
See things


Like Nature, we are made of sun and rain, desert and snow, mountains and plains
How can you judge someone reacting sometimes differently?
We are gathering hate and love, pureness and darkness, tears and smiles, young and old, life and death

When I speak to your heart
And show you the truth in me


Written by Meryem Aboulouafa
Composed by Meryem Aboulouafa
Produced by Jean-Baptiste de Laubier, Maxime Daoud
Maxime Daoud: keyboards
Arthur Simonini: strings
Recorded by Pierre Antoine
Published by Savoir Faire / EMI Publishing France
© & ℗ Animal 63

Written and Directed by: Zhang & Knight
Produced by Birth
Producer: Hugo Legrand Nathan
Executive Producers: Kristin Arakchieva & Alexander Kenanov (B2Y)
Line producer: Thomas Aboulker
Junior line producer: Sarah Chayeb
Label Manager: Emmanuel Barron
Cinematographer: Nico Poulsson
Production designer: Sabina Hristova
Choregrapher: Simon Donnellon
Stylist: Isabelle Bardot
Assistant Director: Boyka Pehlivanova
Head of technicians: Dragomir Arnaudov
SFX Technician Ivaylo Angelov
VFX Supervisor on set

Head of post-production: Morgan Mirza

Editor: Liam Bachler
Colorist: Daniel De Vue

Post-Prod Firm
Manuel Béard

Stéphanie Dubois

Thomas Cureaux
Mickael Lauret.

Post-Prod Eighty4:
Nicolas Martinez
Jerome Richou
Antoine Hache

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