MARRISA WILSON NY | Spring 2022 Campaign

The MARRISA WILSON NY Spring 2022 collection takes a look to the future through the lens of the 1960s Space Age and the spirit of Motown. Drawing parallels from the Space Age— amid the backdrop of the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement — to today, through technological advances post-pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the continued fight for social justice and gender equality. Bold, geometric seaming and silhouettes are cut against emotional, gestural prints, all hand-drawn and developed by Marrisa. Stimulating, powerful bursts of red—counteracted with cool blue—are featured throughout the collection; the two colors work together to show the fraught balance we face in an ever-changing society. Taken together, the colors spark a sense of optimism and hopefulness for the future. This collection works to tell the story of the new, digital age that is upon us, and the desire that all people— including, and especially, women of color— will have the access to participate and shape what our future can look like, together.

Creative Director: Marrisa Wilson
Director + Photographer: Karston “Skinny” Tannis
Models: Bri Walters, Jani Matthew, Bri Boykins
Agency: Crawford Models
Producer: Ben Baskin
Hair Stylist: Shideh Kafei
Make Up Artist: Maite Moreira
PR: Tenique Bernard Consulting
Sales: Vendeuse Fashion
Venue: All Night Skate, Brooklyn

Music Produced by Vicky Casis


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