Logic – Fear (Official Music Video)

Logic – Fear

Directed by Andy Hines

Produced by Nic Neary,Tajh Jordan

Executive Producers: Andy Hines, Olivia Hines, Nic Neary

Production Company
Off Site Films, Inc

Cinematographer: Jeff Powers

First Assistant Director: Magda Serpa

Editor: Joe Calardo

Colorist: Gregory Reese

Flawless // Tajh Jordan
Kwanzaa Shade // Jared McGillivary
Seven // Gabriel Mario
Kimber Shade // Henry Felton
Aubrey Julber
Doone Williams

Gaffer: Logan Reynolds
Best Boy Electric: Chris Alley
Swing: Cody Curtain

Key Grip: Matt Semchee
Best Boy Grip: Pat Servais

1st Assistant Camera: Jared Wennberg
2nd Assistant Camera: Miguel Delarosa
Steadicam: Sam Neiman
BTS Videographer: VHS DOONE

Production Manager: Rachel Bradford
Coordinator: Adam Miller
AD Production Assistant: Kelsey Phelan
Production Assistant: Davis Lonergan, Austin Carrero
Truck Production Assistant: Luke Koerner

Location Manager: Shanna Vincent
Stylist: Lis Bothwell
Prop Master: Tucker Hawkins

Background Casting By
Adam and the Backgrounds

Background Talent
Anasofia N. Wessel
Kyra Stillman
Alex Crum
Lauren Wafer
Atlas Marshall
Lexi Glenn
B3ntl3y Anubis
Madison Shiver
Cecelia Lee
Malik Jackson
Christine Nguyen
Mandela Cordeta
Christopher Slim
Massimo Simone
Dan Sanford
Megan Thompson
Dora Schaller
Mona Superhero
Dulce Del Rio
Nathanial Owens
Emily Johnson
Nicholle Ortiz
Ethan Hill
Phoebe katz
Franklin Frankel
Raiyasha Paris
Grey Haines
Ramon Zendejas
James Sapp
Regan Jackson
John Patrick
Starr Dunbar
Jonathan Garcia Rico
Tekla Daniel
Justin Estalilla
Tyrone Criss
Katherine Williams

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(I can’t let you hold me back, oh no)
(I can’t let you hold me back, no more)
(I can’t let you hold me back, oh no)
(I can’t let you hold me back, no more)
Take a minute and think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it
Why you’re
pursuing it, is you’re really happy?
I’ve been all around the world, and back again, I’m rapping in a microphone
I’ll let them know that if you’re coming at me
Imma never give up, give a damn if I
Gotta live up to every single one of your expectations
I remember the moment of my life, the moment of eyesight, all up in the spotlight (uh) (uh)
People think we gotta be the perception, what you need is an intervention
Everything that you’re doing better be with intention
I hope every single one of you paying attention (uh) (uh)
(All my life)
I used to move a certain way because I was afraid that I would not be loved
the way that I deserve to be until the day the fear deserted me,
deserve to be free
And do whatever the fuck I want to do
When I want to do it
When it
to world and creativity
(All my life)
(I can’t let you hold me back, oh no) (All my life)

(I can’t let you hold me back, no more) (I can’t let you hold me back, oh no)
(I can’t let you hold me back, no more)
I’m just tryna to do my best, baby
Ain’t no wonder why I’m so stressed lately
Life we livin hard
This life we livin hard
I don’t know why I always lie to myself
I’m calling anybody for help
Me and My homies running around, doing shit we weren’t supposed to do Getting high all
night then we turn on the local news
Another brother gunned down, don’t know what we supposed to do
Tryna make it out
45 in the waistband out of place man
I’m just tryna live my life and do it right
I know you heard me
I know they all heard me now

#Fear #Logic

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