KidSuper AW21 – Paris Fashion Week

KidSuper AW21 “If The Plan Doesn’t Work You’re Insane, If The Plan Works You’re A Genius” PFW


KidSuper AW21 “If The Plan Doesn’t Work You’re Insane, If The Plan Works You’re A Genius” FOR PARIS FASHION WEEK

Directed By: Colm Dillane
Executive Producer: Colm Dillane & David Wept
Director of Photography: Franklin Ricart
Screenwriter: Colm Dillane
Editors: Kenny Shimm & Colm Dillane
Producer/Creative Producer: David Wept
Line Producer: Ricky Zanders
Assistant Director: John Mingalone
Production Coordinator: Jagger Corcione
G&E: Rec Squad TV
AC: Manny Rodriguez
2ND AC: Percio Luciano & Nicole Hansen
Location Sound: Walid Alhamdy
Set Designer: Colm Dillane
Production Assistants:
Eric Madonna
Alex Chan
Amir Naeem
Azzum Naeem
Dave Zabriskie
Stylist: Lucy Boogaerts
Assistant Stylist: Sabrina Aguirre, Paula Safronchik
Morale Booster: Jason Thompson
Casting Directors: EV Castings & Colm Dillane
Sound Mixer: Carlos Vyves
Colorists: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Music By: Kenneth Cash and Safa Gaw
Butcher: John Mingalone

Demir Purisic
Gurpreet Singh
Samuel Limata
Colm Dillane

Butcher’s Daughters:
Jennifer Prezioso
Nikki Dovzak
Grace Frias

Bodega Patrons:
Fivio Foreign
Andrew Schulz
Dakarai Francis
Safa Gaw
Jose Francisco

Big L
Omar Egas
Scott Flores

Bank Robbers:
Adham Foda
Altea Kelly

Go Players:
Joe Chan

Car Jackers:
Kenneth Cash
Arthur Kelso
Austin Augie

Production Company: 1800 # / AT.LAS

A KidSuper Studios Project


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