Azura Lovisa presents HERE–BEING

Azura Lovisa presents HERE–BEING

Azura Lovisa presents ‘HERE–BEING’, a hallucinogenic shapeshifting through states of transformation in the natural landscapes where we meet ourselves – the being and becoming of a stone, a breeze, a wave, a human, and beyond human. A body in clothes and in dreams; A collection of visions, drifting in and out of lucidity. A world where the human and spirit planes coexist and overlap – a place of gateways and portals, where myths are born and currents of magic flow. Azura Lovisa explores layers of reality and unreality whose perceptibility fluctuates, looking beyond the blind spots of anthropocentric perspectives and dislodging our experience from our own human temporality, instead opening up into the ecological–spiritual dimensions beyond ourselves.

Reman Sadani

Creative director:
Azura Lovisa

Cinematographer and editor:
William Glass

Visual effects:
Philip Armson

Noura Tan
Malcolm Yaeng
Tanaporn Wongsa

Birgit Toke Tauka Frietman
Tanaporn Wongsa

“4’30” by RMP from ‘Dehumanisasi / Dealienisasi’ Catalog Number: D62-08 (2018)



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