For the SS23 studio collection, Henrik Vibskov investigates the elements of bridges – a construction
born from the hands of humans, allowing the feet to touch where only birds used to inhabit. Now, a
bridge acts as a transition from one place to another, where humans and birds can combine their
spheres to be coherent in a moment of motion.
The construction of the bridge creates a timezone of before and after. Through its lifespan the
structure has moments of congestion and abandonment. The brutalic materials of steel and concrete
are able to transform into a romantic setting, making the structure become a universal icon for
The silhouettes are inspired by the shapes and characteristics of bridges, where the body meets the
construction when it arches and wraps itself around the human form. An homage to the hands that
build – the collection reflects traces from the construction world in various elements, from silhouettes
to details in the garments.
The prints take their inspiration from modular systems and distorted motives, using different scales to
show abstract sensations or creating moving scenarios that differ from romantic to distressed. The
birds are flying in between the collection, making the pants, dresses, shirts and jackets their nest.
The collection’s color palette references the colors of nature and the manmade, showing the contrast
between the calming of the blue and green with the noise of the orange.
All fabrics and trims are evaluated based on their sustainable qualities, and the choices for the
collection are made thereafter. The fabrics include organic cotton, recycled polyester and recycled
PET bottles for padding in outerwear, Tencel made from upcycled cotton linter and cellulose fibers,
European linen and virgin wool. Certificates include BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and GOTS, plus
Økotex for colors, dyes and prints.
Henrik Vibskov presents his SS23 collection with a video, inviting the viewer into a world of mystique
and contrasts. Following the sound of the choir, the storyline takes the viewer through the different
lives of different bridges that created the atmosphere for this collection. The scenes move in and out
of the ‘build’ universe, containing bright colors and artificial life, and the real world of dimmed light and
abandoned ground.
The title Bird In Face refers to the meeting point of human and nature. Henrik Vibskov went into a loop
of drawing the idea of getting a bird in your face when passing over a bridge. Making the universe a
bridge between human and nature, and letting this film become a bridge between the collection and
the viewer.

Shooting Director and Video Editor _ Georg Rune Andersen
Music , Idea and Story _ Henrik Vibskov
Gaffer and Camera Assistant _ André Hansen
Assistant Video Editor _ Greg Cambielli
Sound Recording _ Niclas Tange
Production and Set Design _ Vibs Studio
Colorist _ Georg Rune Andersen
Choir _ Det Akademiske Kor Copenhagen
Choir Conductor : Anna Mose
Sound Design by _ Leslie Ammitzbøll Ming

HV Design Team _ Henrik Vibskov, Judith Klingenfeld, Zuzana Radicova, Andreas Hermann Bloch & Baptiste Comte
Management, Logistics, Accounting _ Anja Gordon, Daniel Ellow
HV Purchase & Production _ Louise Egebro, Erika Nylund & Anna de La Cour
HV Installation Team _ Mia Fryk & Baptiste Comte
Sales Team _ VALD Agency, HV Nordic Sales, DUNE Japan
The SVIPSIES _ Lin Zheng, Renée Overberg, Asier Quintana, Conrad Andersen & Michelle Høglund Andersen
Press Team _ SPALT PR
Lookbook Pictures _ Sebastian Thorsted
Hair/Makeup _ Jan Stuhr, Crew for M.A.C. Cosmetics Nordic
HV Boutiques _ Dorthe and other sweethearts in Copenhagen, Moto and the Store Svipsies in NYC

Thanks to all models, performers and dressers! Thank you to all suppliers and manufacturers and the ones we forgot!


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