Green Day – Bobby Sox (Official Music Video)

Green Day – Bobby Sox

“Bobby Sox” from ‘Saviors’ – out everywhere now

The Saviors Tour is coming to a city near you this summer!! We’re playing both Dookie AND American Idiot in full AND a bunch of your other favorite songs new and old 🤯 Tickets are on sale now

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Executive Producer Jesy Odio
Director Brendan Walter
Director Ryan Baxley
Producer Dorian Thomas
Production Supervisor Xavier Taylor
1st AD Candy Yi
2nd AD Jordan Churchwell
2nd 2nd Chayuda “Chai” Sitthiphap
AD PA Spencer Greenwood
AD PA John Kahle
Production Assistant Akil Jackson
Production Truck PA Kenneth “Ken” Prieto

Cinematography by Ryan Baxley & Brendan Walter
Cam Op Alice Baxley
Cam Op Jasper Graham
1st AC Peter Valeri

Gaffer David Commerman

Key Grip Amy Hoang

Production Designer Rob Fidel
Leadman Jed Maheu

Catering Service City Palate Catering
Crafty Leslie Paz
Medic Nate Vaughan
Set Security Henry

Location Rep Kelsey Wreck

Dylan Nash
Violet Mayugba
Courtney Weis
Chloe Aguilera
Bryan Torres
Anaiah Muhammad
Yssis Davis
Liz Westmish
Candace Quarrels
Brittany Campbell
Lucia De La Garza
Eloise Wong
Bela Salazar
Mila De La Garza
Kenneth Wong
Christine Morales
Furley Amaya
Jackie Samsell
Maxx Morando
Charlie Anastasis
Sam De La Torre
Kris Kirk
Sam Velde
Aldo Rojas
Matty Silva
Jhon Reyes
Eduardo Contreras
Cadena “Dez”
Michael Crain
Braxton Marcellous
Micki McGinnis
Brian McGinnis
Wylie McGinnis
Ilio McGinnis
Vicki Preston
Kevin Preston
Danny Bengston
Brian Ferenchik
Barak Hardley
Christian Leyva
Marie Bakhuizen Bastos
Benjamin Yaffee
Mia Lewis
Fabionei Santos de Oliviera
Evan Colow
Dakotta Solomon
Justus Butler-Calderon
Patricia Castruita
Nikki Kessler
Maria Alvarado
Liam McIntyre
Ryan Rios
Gabryella Salazar
Pauline Brouer
Leila Cano
Anthony Umina
Alessandra Garcia
Melina Fernández Gress
Jacob Moreno
Maddie Lowry
Hana Mukadam
Cristian Puga-Reyes
Ricly Buarque
Christopher Robin Lucas
AJ Kriegel
Brooke Candelario
Emma Gamble
Ethan Lopez

G&E Equipment Ryan Hoang
Set Security
Kevin Bathroom


Do you wanna be my girlfriend?
I’ll take you to a movie that we’ve already seen
Or sit at home and watch reruns
There’s no other place I’d wanna be

Do you wanna be my girlfriend?

Do you wanna be my boyfriend?
We’ll walk the cemetery and I’ll kiss you again
And make our dead friends blush
We’ll be getting married right there on the scene
Do you want to be my best friend?
You can drive me crazy all over again
And I’ll bore you to death
Doesn’t matter when we are in love

Do you wanna be my boyfriend?

You’re not just any type of girl
My one true love and you’re my world

Do you wanna be my girlfriend?
Do you wanna be my boyfriend?
Do you wanna be my

Do you wanna be my girlfriend?
Do you wanna be my boyfriend?
Do you wanna be my

#GreenDay #Saviors #BobbySox

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