Ernest W. Baker – Spring/Summer 2023

Ernest W. Baker - Spring/Summer 2023

Ernest W. Baker – Spring/Summer 2023

There’s a peculiar poetry to being inside and watching the rain beat down on the world outside.

When we started working on this collection in March, it was hard to avoid the parallel between the pandemic and the succession of crises the world has gone through since, giving us a level of perspective on our work in fashion.

For this season and reason, we wanted to reference Spring 2020: something familiar and comfortable, the sense of innocence, naivety – an impression of sheltering.

Consider this sartorial comfort food. The codes we have been developing season after season – the play on proportions, a lightly feminine take on menswear, tailoring with a sense of irony, traditional handcraft – are here reviewed through the lens of childhood.

More than ever, the Ernest W. Baker playbook is about just doing the work season after season with authenticity as our guiding principle and letting people come to it. If they like and appreciate it and want to be a part of it… young, old, man, woman, why does it matter?

To that end, our fashion film remains essential to our storytelling, allowing us to invite you into our world in a way that can’t be shared through still images, words and even clothes alone. A way to express what we want to show, right in the moment of these feelings.

Shot with Ukrainian director and photographer Vladimir Kaminetsky, it captures how each step forward for the brand is given this sense of perspective.

Everything that we have referenced over time has made us who we are. They are here, blended within us as we build our future as a brand, in the same way that memories form a person. We adapt to the times with our designs but at the core, what we do is always original and truthful to who we are.

At the end of the day, we are just doing fashion: it should be enjoyable, refreshing and fun. Something to be worn. Something to be shared.

We said our piece, now it’s time for your take on it.

Directed By: Vladimir Kaminetsky
Creative Direction: Inês Amorim & Reid Baker
Cinematographer & Editor: Juri Fantigrossi
Styling: Mauricio Nardi
Set Design Department: Buril Workshop
Music & Sound Design: Maurizio Bergmann & Paul Tinsley
Hair: Michael Delmas
Assistant Camera: Danilo Pitrelli
Models: Ibrahima Alessio, Ilias Loopmans
EWB Studio Team: Sara Neiva & Darya Fesenko
Facilities Production: Snowberry
Organization: Portugal Fashion

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