Introducing ‘Identities’, our new Spring Summer 2022 collection for Paris Fashion Week.

“In this collection I wanted to look at certain identities. These are clothing archetypes, but also identities of Britishness, of masculinity, of uniforms, as well as those of dunhill past and the new era archetypes that we have sort to establish here. It’s really about how character and clothing work together; the idiosyncratic combinations of personal style and identity in Britain and dunhill, as well as a redefinition of them for the House.” – Mark Weston, Creative Director

A collision of style and identity, utility and extravagance feature throughout. Archetypal characters and clothing, cross-fertilised and collaged, show a sense of ease with elegant imperfection, all realised in precious-made-practical fabrics.
From deco dandies to hi-vis handy men, encompassing traditional male archetypes in conventional uniforms to the purposely provocative effeminacy of ‘80s casuals along the way, British masculine identities are playfully reworked, as are elements of dunhill history, past and present.

The abstract work of photographic artist Ellen Carey features as a print collaboration this season. Most frequently appearing on double bonded duchesse satin, this most haute couture of fabrics takes the place of a technical shell in canoe tops, jackets and hats.
Carey’s prints also feature on leather goods, such as the new era Lock bag in a variety of forms this season.

“It’s about colour, serendipity and process in her work – there is an idea of chance and elegance in the prints. Process and its possibilities through play is an on-going fascination for me, together with the importance of trusting instinct and embracing the accidentals, that sense of immediacy.” – Mark Weston, Creative Director

Creative Director: Mark Weston
Art Direction: Ezra Petronio
Photography: Mark Kean @ Artlist
Styling and Creative Consultant: Elliott Smedley
Casting: Leila Ananna
Hair: Matt Mulhall @ Streeters
Make up: @Wendy Rowe @ Caren
Film: Content Matters
Original track: Far Gone & Marina by Wulu

Full story at dunhill.com


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