DUCKWRTH – Ce Soir (Official Music Video) feat. Syd

Duckwrth – Ce Soir (Official Music Video) feat. Syd
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Produced by WaveIQ, Blake Straus, Zach Ezzy

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Prod. Co: BLK MTN @ blkmtnla
Director: Mancy Gant @ mancygant
Creative Director: Duckwrth  @duckwrth
EP: Mike Lev @levxlev
Producer: Balint Seres @mrseri
DP: Justin McWiliams @justinmcwilliams
Editor: Jacob Giessmann @jacob.jpeg
Colorist: Cameron Marygold @ cameronmarygold
1st AD: Lexi Kirsch @lexikirsch
1st AC: Bennett Lees @bennettlees
2nd AC: Jacob Lallas @jacoblallas
Gaffer: Sven Van Ostrand @sven_v
KG: Brad Powers
Swing: Nick Luna @ nicholasluna_
Makeup: Fara Conley @faradene
Hair: Kherrington Leslie @ kherringtonn__
Stylist: Marquise Miller @ marquisemiller
Stylist Asst.: Jasmine Amini @jasmine.amini
PM: Keats Boyd @keatsboyd
PA: Jose Escorcia @lazerbot_
PA: Joe Schadt @duck_friend
PA: Terri Craft @ terrywcraft
Bull Wrangler: Benay’s Animal Rentals @ benaysbirdandanimals
Bull: Luke
Girl: Rachell Turner @ rachelldoingthingss
Medic: RGX

Syd appears courtesy of Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


I got a new bag of tricks I wanna try out
We can dip, stick shift to the hideout
Lil mama with the vibes wanna vibe out
She like the way the diamonds still dance with the lights out
She says she feels adventurous tonight
Ce Soir!
Open up the freezer, pull the ice out
Tell me something, can I place this on your belly button ?
What the ice melt, water dripping down your thighs now.
Tell the truth,
I just wanted an excuse.
To talk about the sweetest things that I would like to do.
The love below is calling,
And I got the sweetest tooth.
Call me like candy man,
and I‘ll appear like Poof.
Started with a spark, and now we burning down the roof
Fire in the living room, I know what to do.
It’s water in the basement, Tsunami in the OOOhh.
You know I had to go down on you.


You got a wild side,
Let it show sometimes
You should let it go sometimes.
My bad baby,
We must be speaking a different language.
I’m like
“Je vais vous manger Ce Soir”
“Je vais vous manger Ce Soir”
Ce Soir
Ce Soir , Ce Soir , Ce Soir
On God.

Je vais vous manger Ce Soir
Je vais vous manger Ce Soir
Je vais vous manger Ce Soir
Je vais vous manger

Now Listen here baby I won’t say it again
Its lookin like the night is ready to end
How bout we get in the whip ?
It could be you or you and your friend
She isn’t gay but she says can pretend
Then we can have us a sip
I can pour us up a glass of that
Sapere rose them my homes as a matta fact
Bet I can have you both moaning in an hour flat
Til the neighbors come a knocking like a ratatat
Then we can cool it on down like an avalanche
Have a dance or two
Another glass or two
Its a private part party in this hotel room
They ask if they can spend the night I tell em no can do
I got work in the morning got a full schedule
But I’m glad that we could have this little rendezvous
Cause as soon as I saw you in them high heel shoes
You know I had to go down on you


“Je vais vous manger Ce Soir”
“Je vais vous manger Ce Soir”
Ce Soir
Ce Soir , Ce Soir , Ce Soir
On God.
(Repeat 2x)


duckwrth ce soir feat syd
© 2022 SuperGood/The Blind Youth

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