Crumb – AMAMA [Official Video]

Crumb – AMAMA

Crumb’s new album AMAMA is out on May 17th. Pre-order now:

“AMAMA” by Crumb

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Directed by Abraham EL Makawy


We met up on a regular day
Our lips, they touch, nothing much to say
Held me tight like you wanted it bad
We shed the things we were covered in
How you been?
I like the way I’m feelin’ now
But haven’t seen you in awhile
‘Cause everything has been so wild
Let’s try it out

From a place that is never dead
Born four months apart in the same bed
Split in half in the earlier days
One mile apart, feel a similar
Where you been?
Feels like I’ve been here all along
You look so good between these arms
Do anything to keep you calm
And right my wrongs

Shadow, one and the same
Wonder, did you ever see my face?
Shied away the pain
But you coulda never known my name
But you coulda never known my name
But you coulda

Editor: Alex Futtersak
Creative Direction: Abraham El Makawy & Crumb
Director of Photography: Sandro Ramani
Mario Paint Animation: Michael Jensen
Web Developer: Michael Saunders
Producer: Michael Falotico
Analog Processing: Alex Futtersak
Special Thanks : Julián Cordero

Found Footage:
Brotter Family
Demarco Family
El Makawy Family
Gilad Family
Lombardo Family
Ramani Family
Saunders Family

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