CFCL VOL.4 Collection “Knit-ware”


Light and dark. Urban and rural. Present and future. By examining the things that straddle divisions, those things that slip out of the conventional binaries and dichotomies, we believe that design today should update the world we live in. And that is also why we choose to make knitwear, a pliant kind of clothing that fits comfortably with our body and lifestyle.
Drawing on the idea embodied in the word ware denoting an item adapted to meet the needs of life, CFCL creates contemporary knitwear as knit-ware. This collection presents a whole new kind of knit-ware, one that wraps society today, and allows outlines that transcend the fixed shape of the human body to match individual personalities.

光と影、自然と人工、今と未来。二元論的な定義から漏れ出した、境界線上にある事象や存 在を見つめ、世の中をアップデートすることが現代に必要なデザインだと私たちは考えます。それはしなやかに伸び、そして身体や生活に寄り添うニットという素材を選ぶ理由にもなっています。
生活に則した器を意味する言葉 ware を引用し、本コレクションでは一人ひとりの個性に人体の形状を超えた outline を描く、現代社会を包む新しい Knit-ware を提案します。


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