BO$$ BITCH – Barron S

BO$$ BITCH - Barron S

BO$$ BITCH – Barron S

I wanted to write a song about being a ‘BO$$ BITCH’ because the word ‘bitch’ has been used against women so many times.

In the past we’ve really used the word as a way to knock down strong & powerful women. So when I went into the studio I was inspired to write this song as a way of reclaiming the word.

A lot of women that we’ve been throwing that word at are actually demonstrating qualities that if seen in a male, we’d attribute to him being a BOSS or a leader.

For me, writing this song was a way of pushing back against that. It’s me leaning into my leadership skill sets, which are some of my greatest assets. Yet at times, I have still been made wrong for.

This song is me saying I’m gonna rewrite the rules, I’m gonna play the game my way, and if you want to call me a bitch, call me a bitch, but call me a BOSS BITCH, cause that’s what I am.

I hope this song is the dance party that helps you step into your power too!

It’s available for streaming & download everywhere now.

If you are feeling the tune, I’d love to have you share it,
or come tell me about your BO$$ journey at @BarronSmusic
on Instagram.

Much LOVE friends!
Barron S


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