Arcade Fire – Unconditional I (Lookout Kid) (Official Video)

Arcade Fire – Unconditional I (Lookout Kid) (Official Video)
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lookout kid
trust your heart
you don’t have to play the part
they wrote for you
just be true
there are things that you can do
that no one else on earth
could ever do
but I can’t teach you
I can’t teach it to you

lookout kid
trust your mind
but you can’t trust it every time
you know it plays tricks on you
and it don’t give a damn
if you are happy or you’re sad
but if you’ve lost it
don’t feel bad
‘cause it’s alright to be sad

lookout kid
trust your body
you can dance
and you can shake
things will break
you make mistakes
you lose your friends again and again
‘cause nothing’s ever perfect
no one’s perfect
let me say it again…
no one’s perfect

a lifetime of skinned knees
and heartbreak comes so easy
but a life without pain would be

and if you feel it it’s fine
I give you everything that’s mine
I give you my heart and my
precious time
lookout kid
trust your soul
it ain’t hard to rock n’roll
you know how to move your hips
and you know God is cool with it
some people want the rock without
the roll
but WE all know there’s no God
without soul
a lifetime of skinned knees
and heartbreak come so easily
but a life without you
would be boring for someone like me…

and if you feel it, it’s fine
I give you everything that’s mine
I give you my heart and my
precious time
I give you my heart and my
precious time
no matter what you do



Director: Benh Zeitlin
Producer: Ben Matheny
Producer: Nathan Harrison
Production Company: Elysian Fields Independent Productions
Director of Photography: Mélanie Akoka

Additional Photography: Jake Springfield
B-Cam Operator: Turner Ross
DIT: Ben Maner
Windman Designer and Puppeteer: Jacques Duffourc
Creative Director: Julia Simpson
Stock Footage Producer: Emilia Mello

Key Grip: Tanner Short
Best Boy: Brock Gomez
Grip: Chris Moton
Grip: Marion Forbes
Grip: Keith Dennis
1st AD: Liat Krongrad
1st AD: Parker Gibbs
2nd AD: Cristina Pando
2nd 2nd AD: Betsy Holt
PA: Danny Abel
PA: Lydia Kolda
PA: Jon Perry
VFX Supervisor: Anselm von Seherr-Thoss
VFX by Bleach fx / juice
Additional VFX by: Ben Samuels, Tony Agliata
Edited by Affonso Gonçalves
Colorist: Elie Akoka
Stunt Safety: Mike Yahn
Assistant Safety Consultant: Tessa Yahn
Medic: Kris Butler
Production Designer: Sam Bass
Art Director: Lee Cecil
Airboat Operator: Mike Arcenaux
Leaf Blower Operator: Katie Jane Fernelius
Bounce House Provided By Space Walk of New Orleans East
Bounce House Operators: Nell & Drika Evans
BTS Videographer: Hennen Payne
Audio Mix: Emily Eck
Casting Director : Kimberly Arcenaux
Cast Wrangler: Crocket Doob
Starring Krzysztof Meyn
Additional Performers: Clio Anderson
Evangeline Anderson
Jailyn Brock
Cameron Caldwell
Reese Caldwell
Lyncoln Charles
Rhett Carles
Ruffin Costello
Madeleine Dominique
Violet Louise Gross,
Ilon Jackson
Joule Lee
Santangelo Longo
Lorcan O’Donnell
Ellen Pitre
Loulan Pitre
Dorothy Jean Ross
Declan Samuelson
Julien Smith
Felix Soria
Wallis Lee Spishock Parker
Benjamin Wright
Carter Williams
Demi Wells
Sebastian Van Young
Skylar-Rose Singleton
Tessa Yahn
Autumn Caston
Saoirse Lake-Härm
Apoline Rathbone
Trinitie Babin
Annabelle Brown
Brayden Brown
Alec LeJeune
Brinlie Plaisance
Baylen Plaisance
Sage Sevrin
Zach Hannes
Pam Cannon
Roger “O.S.A.” Kennedy
Sue Kennedy


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