ADEAM Spring & Summer 2021 Collection

ADEAM Spring & Summer 2021 Collection

To evoke the season, we began with the sense of touch, honing in on the fabrications and cut. Linen and cotton—traditional textiles used to make yukata, the informal summer kimono worn to summer festivals and hot springs—appear in many forms. The breezy tiered shirt dress, draped twisted top, and cropped wide-leg pants come in Indigo and Camel Striped Linen. The more feminine pieces, like the tiered bustier dress with a cascading skirt and the drawstring safari shirt, appear in Modern Linen, a fabric with an organic, cool-to-the touch texture that is both wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable. The brand’s signature silky Japanese Crepe returns this season in simpler styles—a hoodie dress with a flounce hem, a sleeveless scarf top, and a pleated draped dress. The Japanese Cotton Poplin, another signature fabric, with its satin-like finish matches perfectly with the more formal silhouettes in the collection. Finally, utilitarian tailoring is offered in a soft trench coating. The wide leg pants and shorts, while tailored, are comfortable thanks to the light stretch in the fabric. The relaxed pieces are perfect to wear on a voyage, whether it be a physical one in the future or one of your imagination you take from home.

The palette reflects the shades of the season—the bright blue of the cloudless sky, the dusky orange of the dog-day afternoon and the olive, indigo, and camel of summer vegetation. The colors are combined in a bright watercolor print, creating linear movement in both voluminous and sleek shapes.

While we couldn’t invite guests to the world of ADEAM this season, we wanted to find a way to deliver the brand’s spirit to our audience abroad. This desire resulted in a collection video shot on the grounds of Meiji Kinenkan, a reception hall built in 1881 to welcome important guests from abroad to the Akasaka Temporary Palace. A stone’s throw away from Harajuku, the heart of Tokyo street style, this juxtaposition of the old and the new is very much a part of ADEAM’s DNA. The lush, manicured greenery made for the perfect backdrop to invite our guest to view the ADEAM Spring/Summer 2021 collection and to get a taste of both modern and traditional Japan.

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