The 1975 – I’m In Love With You (Official Video)

The 1975 – I’m In Love With You
From the new album ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’, out 14th October 2022.
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Heartbeat is coming in so strong
If you don’t stop I’m gonna need a second one
Oh, there’s something I’ve been meaning to say to you baby (hold that thought)
Yeah, there’s something I’ve been meaning to say to you baby
but I just can’t do it
What a call, moving in
I feel like I can loosen my lips
(come on so strong)
I can summarise it for you
It’s simple and it goes like this..
I’m in love with you
She’s got her broadsheet, reading down the list of the going wrong
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’m getting no sleep. Tossing and turning all night long
Oh, there’s somewhere I’ve been meaning to take the conversation (hold that thought)
Yeah, there’s somewhere I’ve been meaning to take the conversation, but I just can’t do it
You show me your black girl thing, pretending that I know what it is (I wasn’t listening)
I apologise, you meet my eyes
Yeah it’s simple and it goes like this..
I’m in love with you
Yeah I got it!
I found it!
I’ve just gotta keep it
‘Don’t fuck it, y
ou muppet!!’
It’s not that deep
I’ve been counting my blessings
Thinking this through just
like ‘1, 2.. yeah I’m in love with you!!’
I’m in love with you


Director: Samuel Bradley
Written by: Matthew Healy
Creative Directors: Matthew Healy, Patricia Villirillo
Production Company: Amelia Studios
Stylist: Patricia Villirillo
Movement Director/Choreographer & Lead Performing Artist: Katie Collins
Creative Producer: Jamie Glydon
Producer: Natalie Steiner
Producer: Cora Rodriguez
DOP:Jaime Ackroyd
Production Designer: Max Bellhouse
Label: Dirty Hit
Featuring: Phoebe Bridgers, Marshall Vore, John Waugh & Jamie Squire

Makeup Artist: Elaine Lynskey
Hair Stylist: Matt Mullhall
Casting Director: Jinjo Casting
Post Production: Pundersons Gardens & Bubble TV
Editor: Toby Heard
Colourist: John O’Riordan
VFX: Richard Greenwood & Ben Gallagher
BTS: Jordan Curtis Hughes

1st AD: Tom Wynborne
2nd AD: Niomi Collins
Production Manager: Zoe Travica
Production Assistant: Chirolles Khalil
Production Assistant: Nessie Appleton
Focus Puller: Sinan Yilmaz
2nd AC: Anastasiya Cherkasyuk
Camera Trainee: Niyi Ferreira
2nd Unit Camera Operator: Juanjo L. Salazar
2nd Unit Focus Puller: Nacho Munoz
Camera Car Driver: Max Corjeniuk
Gaffer: Matt Moffatt
Spark/HGV Driver: Chris Rossell
Spark: Steve Murphy
Spark: Ed Horton

Genny Operator: Cade Conetta

Key Grip: Neil Blakesley
Grip: Jamie Cobb
Grip Trainee: Millie Rose Wells
Chippie: Sam Tower
Video Playback: Alex Bates
Audio Playback: Edwin Brawn
Wires Rigger: Simon Frost
Wires Operator: Jeremy Wingham
Wires Operator: Adrian Skelton
Stunt Coordinator: Austin Spangler
Choreographer Assistant: Nicholas Tredrea
Styling Assistant: Nelima Odhiambo
Styling Assistant: Heidy Hayoung Seo
Styling Assistant: Alice Secchi
Styling Intern: Viviana Icaza
Styling Intern: Louise Armstrong
Seamstress: Hayley Cherkas
Styling Rep: Future Rep
Senior Makeup Assistant: Jennifer Glynn
Makeup Assistant: Esme Horn
Makeup Assistant: Alice Swindells
Makeup Assistant: Chloe Palmer
Makeup Assistant: Anna Lumsden
Makeup Assistant: Tina Khatri
Hair Stylist Assistant: Stefano Mazzoleni
Hair Stylist Assistant: Charles Stanley
Art Assistant: Tilly Power
Art Assistant: Noah Ponte
Art Assistant: Jimmy Van Twest
Runner/Driver: James Mathewson
Runner: James Williams
Runner: Zoe Bradley
Runner: Rowan James-Brown
Talent Runner: Natnael Dawit
Talent Runner: Alice Ellis
Location Manager: Nigel Crisp
Paramedic: Gareth Thomas
Camera Equipment: Panavision
Lighting Equipment: Prolight

Clown: Kamil Sznajder
Clown: Angela McIntosh
Clown: Mia Margaret
Clown: Joerg Stadler
Clown: Andrew Roberts
Clown: Kam Chan
Clown: Yasser Kayani
Clown: Luna T
Dancer: Ken Nguyen
Dancer: Bogdan Pascal

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