SonReal – Voicemail (Official Music Video)

SonReal – Voicemail (Official Music Video)


I’m not perfect, I’m not perfect, I’m not even close
I was raised by three women, kept me on my toes
And my father left for months
He had to get the dough
Up north, surveying roads in the winter snow
So as a young kid, I didn’t see him much
Getting raised by three women wasn’t easy, but
It helped me see the world with a proper vision
Katie better at debating then Hillary Clinton
And Amanda always making it harder to sneak out
With my homies drinking beers, puffin’ on sativa
And they always stuck beside me, supported the rapping
But if I called a girl “bitch, ” then they would bitch slap me
Man, I love you, two girls, made me into a man
And now I’m blowin’ up your phone every time that I can
Like, “What are you doing? When are you gon’ go come see your brother?”
I’m sending love from LA, use this song as a letter
Funny no matter how far, we always come together
And now you girls grown up, lookin’ brilliant as ever

I was raised by women, give my praise to women
So this song’s dedicated to today’s new women

(Hi, son, this is your mama calling
I haven’t from you for a while
And I was wondering what you guys have been up to over there
Anyways, dear, I also wanted to tell you how much I love you
And I am so very proud of you, sweetheart
I can’t wait to see you
Okay, dear, talk soon)

And to our mama, how you make it through all of this shit?
We were too young to even understand what you did
You define a strong woman taught us to be strong
So when it hit the fan, you acted like nothing was wrong
Always instilled in your kids to follow our heart
And if we stick together, we never falling apart
I remember hearing wine glasses breaking downstairs
You and daddy fighting, maybe a little impaired, but
You were kids when you married
And you were kids when you had us
I’m so proud that you found my stepdad ’cause he happens
To be someone in my life taught me more than my own did
Mark, I never mention you in my songs, so I’ ma own this
You make my mom happy, never seen her so perfect
Turning sixty this year, living the life that she’s deserving

I was raised by women, give my praise to women
So this song’s dedicated to today’s new women

(Hi, sweetie
You know, I was just calling to remind you
That you’re very, very, very lucky to get married to me
And, um, I hope that you think about that every day
And also, I just wanted to say that I love you very much
You are everything to me
Love you, baby, bye)

You my rock, yeah, you my sun
Yeah, you my brightest light
I could never picture me without you in my life
My pen could never find the perfect words for me to write
How I feel about a woman I chose for my wife
And when my papa passed, I couldn’t look you in the eye
You had patience when I didn’t and you gave me time
Now I’ma give you everything that I have inside
Got on one knee for one of five times I’ve seen you cry
And I remember when I met you I was like
“Do you like J. Cole?” you said, “Who’s that?”
I found that shit so funny when I asked you what you listen to
You replied Beyoncé and ended at that
Ayy, and since that moment I knew what I wanted
You taught me the power of being honest

I was raised by women, give my praise to women
So this song’s dedicated to today’s new women


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Text me at 604-210-1192   SonReal – Voicemail   This might be the most personal song I’ve ever written. I have always had the utmost respect for women because of the way I was raised. This is the last song I recorded for ‘The Aaron LP’ and I couldn’t be happier to share the video with you.  

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Voicemail Music Video Directed by: Sterling Larose & Zachary Vague

Lyrics by Aaron Hoffman Produced by Pops and Trevor Muzzy Additional Production: Loris Geisen

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