SHIATZY CHEN│夏姿.陳│Spring-Summer2024 Collection

2024 春夏系列,設計總監 Shiatzy Chen 女士以「蜃縷」為題,靈感取自東方典故中海市蜃樓的虛幻之景,是層層水波下的光束,似近似遠的海市,而這般景緻在古代傳說中也記載為蜃龍之吐氣所形成的樓臺城廓,當中的蜃龍,更是神話龍生九種中,最為神秘、強大的龍族;依循著此脈絡,探究起東方稀世奇珍―青花雲龍瓷器,上頭攀附的海水龍紋,四腳五爪躍然之神態,皆為本系列注入神動活現的靈感。

With Mirage as the theme of the 2024 SS, we see Design Director Ms. Shiatzy Chen drawing inspiration from the mythical scenes of the mirage city in Oriental tales. Rays beneath layers of rippling water, the mirage city seemingly distant yet so close, creates a view that is described as an outline of buildings in the city formed by the breath of the Mirage Dragon. The Mirage Dragon is the most mythical and powerful among the nine dragon species in mythology. Following this narrative, the collection delves into the world of Oriental treasures, exploring the Qing Dynasty blue and white cloud dragon porcelain. The intricate patterns of ocean waves and dragon prints on the porcelain, with their four legs and five claws, come to life, injecting a sense of divine vitality into this collection.


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