SHIATZY CHEN│夏姿‧陳│Autumn-Winter 2022/2023 Collection Online Premiere

SHIATZY CHEN 2022/2023 秋冬系列大秀於巴黎時間 3 月 7 日 18 時 00 分(台北時間 3 月 8 日 01 時 00 分)以線上型態揭開序幕,設計總監王陳彩霞女士以「光塵 GENESIS」為題,在起初無光的黑暗中一筆劃開的火柴,點亮了火與光,引發探究著古文中「和其光,同其塵」一言,讓躍起的光如塵般,是同時的存在、也同等的重要,每個人的過去及未來,都是引導人走向璀璨光明的歷程。

SHIATZY CHEN Autumn-Winter 2022/2023 runway show to be unveiled online at 18:00 pm on March 7th. With GENESIS as theme, Design Director Chen Tsai-Hsia strikes a match in the originally pitch-black darkness, lighting up the fire and radiance. Exploring the meaning of the ancient saying “obscure thy radiance, blend with the dust”, the dancing light exists alongside the dust and is just as important.

Everyone’s past and future is the journey that guides one towards the spectacular radiance.

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