SEAN SUEN AW21 – The Mediocre Monster

SEAN SUEN AW21 – The Mediocre Monster

In today’s society, there are rules – implicit and explicit – that define the correct path. Follow the guidelines without fail, and you are the perfect replica. But what if another path opens in front of your feet? What if self-awareness ignites within you?

Deviating from the straight and narrow of societal ideals, you are first out of place, then “abnormal” leads to judgment and criticism. You become at once a target and a cautionary tale.

But the truth is that there is no fundamental difference between correct views and dissenting ones, normal and abnormal, binary opposition or binary unity. In times like ours, the ability to face abnormalities without fear and without judgement is especially precious. Each individual inevitably possesses misshapen corners within themselves where may lie the power to break through the shackles of a normative, placid existence.

Instead of groundlessly criticising and rejecting, it is better to cast down stereotypes, to break down the shackles of normality. Treat the unusual as usual. Treat the abnormal as uniqueness. Treat people as individuals rather than symbols. Divided we fall, united we stand.

In a time of broadening sight lines and narrowing horizons, SEAN SUEN steps over the confines of society-mandated boundaries to question the normative stereotypes that infuse the fabric of the world. Seeking another path, on which restrictive ideals are shed and where non-conforming individualized self-awareness becomes the only rule, he treats clothing as a mouldable, fragmented material. By fracturing the body’s classic outlines and proportions, he creates an unusual and “abnormal” structure. Through this attempt to establish a connection between “normal” and “abnormal” by blurring the stereotypes in between, SEAN SUEN asks:

What is ”normal”? And what is “abnormal”?


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