SABIRAH Collection 1.3 was inspired by the lost portraits of the black Victorians that were unearthed (in 2014), after over hundred years in the Hulton archive by curator Renée Mussai and director of Autograph ABP, Mark Sealy MBE.

Deborah imagined these women of colour flourishing in today’s world and wanted to recreate the fine clothing of that age while retaining the distinct SABIRAH brand.

The collection is presented as a film directed by Esme Moore that reimagines people of colour coming together and enjoying the finer things in life, celebrating community, togetherness and love.

The music that accompanies the film “Leopold” was a gift from Grammy nominated songwriter and composer Stefan Moccio.
Deborah says, “I was completely blown away by this mesmerising piece of music and in the majestic delicacy with which Stephan plays the piano. I instantly knew “Leopold” would be perfect for SABIRAH and Collection1.3″.

The tea party scene was particularly important as it celebrates a cosmopolitan diaspora participating in a “very British” pastime that is rarely portrayed with people of colour.

After the period we have had with lockdowns and isolation, it was important to celebrate occasion wear and luxurious fabrics as well as being with family and friends.


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