Powfu, Rxseboy, Sarcastic Sounds – the way that you see me ft. Ayleen Valentine

Official audio for “the way that you see me” by Powfu feat. Rxseboy, Sarcastic Sounds & Ayleen Valentine.



but when i close my eyes
the silence screams too much
isn’t it lovely the way it works for us
i wish i could be the way that you see me
i wish i could dream same time your sleeping

i wish we had the same dreams
but i havent been dreamin
i got a cloud of darkness over me suppressin my feelins
i’m seekin meanings of earth
show me the places to search
its way harder seein clearly with my hands up your skirt
when its over i’ll be sittin inside my car
regrettin all that i did
write a tally on my heart
ya i hope you leave me soon
cuz i keep gettin more attached
jus whisper me to sleep
to slip the knife in my back

my mentality actually goin shit
watchin all their happiness I’m practically sick
you don’t see that I’m a kid
with all these problems evolvin
inside of me
i’m seein two of you
and you dont see a single flaw in me

openin and closin the book
I’m tryin to learn from it
i believe in healin above
nothin is permanent
wisdom what i lack
my decision makin game is weak
weaker than you think I am
no where close to what i want to be

every second i mess up for like the 3rd time
you shoulda left the first time the worst time
and everything decrepit but its alright
i swear that your the pinnacle
feelins for you aint minimal
they overflowed and never over sold
i wasnt into all my bs
workin on my patience
leave for like a week
and come back givin you the same shit
your parents probably hate me
stayin can be dangerous
cuz my love is potent
only you can help me change it

but when i close my eyes
the silence screams too much
isn’t it lovely the way it works for us


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