palmer//harding winter spring 2022 lookbook film

palmer//harding winter spring 2022 lookbook film

The trauma and pain of the pandemic provided an opportunity for reflection – on the condition of our lives prior to the seismic shift in our world, a time when we felt we were whole – while also offering a mirror to our personal and societal fragilities as we witnessed our well weathered securities begin to fall apart.

Simultaneously it provided opportunity for rebirth, through addressing the scars of the past and focusing on healing and opportunities for hope as we rebuilt our lives in a world forever changed.

For our pre-spring 22 and spring 22 collection we draw inspiration through this journey of disassembly of unity, the process of self examination, the pain of adjusting to new norms and the joy of recovery and discovery as we rebuild a world better suited to our true desires, one that provides endless opportunity for love, happiness and beauty.


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