OTEYZA | Fall Winter 2022/2023 | Paris Fashion Week | Menswear | Full Show

“Spanish Haute Craft breaks into streetwear and lands at the Paris Fashion Week”

“OTEYZA opens the door to Spanish Haute Craft and reinforces its connection with streetwear in an exercise of dynamism, functionality and sophistication”


“MARINAS” is a new progression in the firm’s `street-à-couture´ approach, where lines break even more their formal axes and turn to a space and landscape full of energy, functionality and sophistication.

OTEYZA is nourished by the power of the sea, the Atlantic or even with the fishermen’s aesthetic. That vital connection had to be told and praised.

“The color seduces the line and together they create the universe of the form”.

Dance of color and form: the color says -I do- to the form. Predominance of steel and navy blue; bluish green mixed with white; intense oranges with lights of white; grey notes, and, of course, mustard and black, always timeless and a mark of the house.

On this occasion, the firm returns to its Spanish salmantine merino wool cloths with natural dyes and double dumped. The mohairs will give entry to fine merinos, Egyptian cottons, wool and silk blends, and neoprenes, seeking beauty in the maximum fall in different volumes. Wrap-around fabrics, light and highly twisted, accompany the marked lines and unstructured shapes.

Double-breasted coats, raised collars, tailored scarves emulating lapels, organic cotton sweatshirts, pants with deep pleats and ribbons, or rain hats, all combined with its sneakers and wellies, in a clear allusion to the marine universe under a streetwear perspective. Also the OTEYZA tote bag is very present developed in this collection with other functionalities.

Direction: Paul García de Oteyza and Caterina Pañeda
Realization: Pedro Pantaleón
Filming: Pedro Pantaleón
Diego de Antonio
Edition: Pedro Pantaleón
Music: Dj Clone “Carry On”
Models: Daniel de Villanueva
Enrique Fariñas
Sergi Shan
Sabina Ndunge
Styling: Cristina Mocong
Styling assistant: Casilda de Nicolás
Hairdresser: Bertos Donosti
Make up & hairdresser: María Pelucho for cool_producciones


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