oqLiq 2023SS Aura Protection

oqLiq本季於倫敦時裝週發表23SS秀,以NIKE為穿搭符碼,清心福全茶文化注入時裝秀,將台灣的茶飲精神延伸於倫敦; 更跨界Hundr.獨家研發的Radiax半導體鈦金屬鍍膜技術,提高升溫極限,達到極輕量保暖的特性,更邀請台灣科技藝術團隊當若科技藝術 IF+與林強的現代電子音樂傳統滿洲民謠,音樂既保留傳統民謠之韻味,在聽覺上混出新風貌,賦予屏東滿州民謠新風格。
This season, oqLiq releases the 23SS show in London Fashion Week, using NIKE as the attire’s semiotic theme, weaving the Chinghsing tea culture into the fashion show, while extending the spirit of Taiwan’s tea to London; using Hundr proprietary metal coating technology from semiconductor processes, for an ultra-lightweight Radiax® titanium insulation that retains body heat and efficiently accelerate body warmth. The event invites Taiwan’s technology and art team, IF Plus, along with Lim Giong modern electric music that not only retains traditional Pingtung Manjhou folk music flavor, but also gives it a new flair through superlative sound mixing.
在影像視覺上,來自當若科技藝術 IF+ 四位不同領域的設計師,以各自擅長視覺語彙,轉譯臺灣屏東滿洲意象,配合現場音樂即興編制動態影像,傳遞自由隨性的滿洲風情。
In the visual aspect, four designers from different fields from IF Plus deploy their own visual vocabulary to translate the indigenous imagery of Manjhou Township, in Pingtung, Taiwan, by improvising motion pictures with live music to convey the free and spontaneous spirit of the Manjhou style.

using Hundr proprietary metal coating technology from semiconductor processes, an ultra-lightweight Radiax® titanium insulation that retains the body heat and efficiently accelerates body warmth.

設計概念是「Aura Protection」為主軸,將保護的概念融入鐵絲網圖騰以及複合軍用Ripstop紋理呈現隱形立體織紋迷彩,劇情式的融入設計。
The design concept is for resilient “Aura Protection”, incorporating the concept of protection into the wire mesh totem and replicating the military Ripstop texture creating an invisible three-dimensional weave camouflage, for a highly dramatic integration into the design.

Aura是一層圍繞著人體不可視的生物波形磁場,類比一種服裝般成為意識的延伸,在oqLiq宇宙中的 final home探討的一種價值觀,設想虛無中如何重建以及如何取捨所謂真正重要的,自我保護的概念正如同盔甲一般,正如同罡氣拆解四正二字,論述一種浩然正氣,如同靈魂一般可貴的能量場,就像進化一般,是信念,是保護的。
Aura is a magnetic field of invisible biological waveforms surrounding the human body, analogous to a garment becoming an extension of our consciousness, a value explored in the final home of the oqLiq universe, envisioning how to rebuild in the void and how to choose what is really most important, and the concept of self-protection is just like armor, or the Asian proverb for dismantling and deconstructing the Mandarin character for “Building Qi” into the phrase “Carpe Diem in all ways”, discussing a form of righteousness, as the soul’s precious energy field, evolves outward, in belief and as protection.
The Qi field resembles an invisible wire mesh presenting a protective totem, and this season’s classic composite texture is the military’s RIPSTOP tear-resistant fabric, using various combinations of RIPSTOP to form an invisible camouflage to holistically project the season’s overall protection concept throughout the unified theme.

特別介紹本次後台團隊大多來自於台灣,保養品牌Dr.Cink贊助旅紐約彩妝師Jonathan Wu帶領make up team參與這次盛會,在後台髮型部份,則是由台灣新一代知名髮廊TiAM贊助台灣髮型師Weic Lin 帶領此次的髮型團隊輝煌後台。
A special introduction is warranted for the backstage team who are mostly from Taiwan. Dr. Cink sponsored New York makeup artist Jonathan Wu leading the make up team for this most august event. As for the hair care and styling part, the famous Taiwan hair salon T iAM sponsored Lead hair designer Weic Lin leading the brilliant backstage hair styling team.

▋ Visual / VJ Artist
IF Plus Co.,Ltd. 當若科技藝術股份有限公司
Kuanwen Liu
Weiwen Chen
Yihsun Hsiao
Yitzu Lee
Poyu Wang

林強 Lim Giong
屏東滿州鄉民謠協進會 Manijhou Folksongs Association

▋Post production
Lu Chi-Chun

▋Film Editor
Pin Yu

▋KEY Hair stylist
林威仲 Weic Lin @weic_lin @overface_artists
▋Hair team
Marta Martineau
Cheuk Yin Lau
Tomoko Oda
Atsushi Yoshida
Ai Tung
Hsieh Wan-Yun
Chen Yu-Chiao
Fan Yu Ting

Hair Team Sponsored by TiAM & OVER:FACE Management.

▋KEY Makeup Artist
Jonathan Wu @jonathanwumua

▋Makeup Artist
Phoebe Taylor
Rie Gibson
Meg Kashimura
Think ho
Wen-Chi Tung
By KC Artists MGMT
Make up team Sponsored by Dr.CINK

Nexhype studios

@Tim Wu

ChihYa Chang

▋ Sponsored by

▋ Special Thanks
IF Plus Co., Ltd.當若科技藝術股份有限公司
IQ perfetto
id hair 提碁股份有限公司


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