Maria Grachvogel | Fashion Film | INFINITY – Through The Looking Glass | London Fashion Week

This film is a journey of a woman and her different relationships with the clothing she wears , how she inhabits different moods and feelings, how each garment she chooses creates a different character, reflects a different part of her soul.

I always start with the woman. Inhabiting a feeling and not just a look to create a different dynamic between the woman and the clothes. Each piece works in harmony with the body and the character of the woman and each woman takes part of the character of the pieces I create and makes it her own when she wears it.

Her soul is reflected through the clothing and the piece she chooses reflects a part of herself, so the clothing becomes a mirror to the person inside.
I want the woman to always shine through with every piece I create. I believe it is the difference between ‘it’s a great dress’.., and ‘you look great in that dress’.

Director: Claire Harrison
Video : Lilla Nyeki
Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Hsieh
Models: Florence Kosky (Models One)
Video Assistant: Charlie Walker
Music: Wonder (Instrumental) Vico V licensed through Audiio

With special thanks to Midori, Gael and Daiva for all of your help with these beautiful pieces, to Jacob for your help with music, to Claire, Lilla, Elizabeth and Charlie the incredibly creative team behind the film and to the incredible Florence Kosky for bringing our woman to life.

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