Labrum London AW21 ‘St Giles Blackbirds’

Labrum London AW21 'St Giles Blackbirds'

Labrum London AW21 ‘St Giles Blackbirds’

Labrum dedicates this season to the heroes of ‘St Giles Blackbirds’. Celebrating a section of the black community comprising of; sailors, soldiers and former slaves that settled in England in the late 1700’s and soon found themselves poor, dispossessed and living within the St Giles in the Fields area of London.

Dubbed the ‘black poor’ they were dispassionately transported Sierra Leone following difficulty finding the solace that London once promised. The group are symbolic of a familiar history and repeated tale: black people who are discarded as soon as they no longer prove useful.

Today, the St Giles Blackbirds, defying the attempts of silence and being cast away, are highlighted by Labrum. Their story depicted as one of migration and great resilience.

Special thanks to;

The blackbirds of St Giles
Lesley Goddard at St Giles in the Fields

Creative Direction:
Foday Dumbuya

Art Direction & Styling:
Ib Kamara




Sheila Maurice-Grey

Ayo Salawu

Jonathan Moko

Godwin Sonzi

Renato Paris


Riona O’Sullivan

MUA Assistants:

Hiromi Iizuka

Chiharu Wakabayashi

Hair Stylist:

Shanice Noel

Hair Assistant
Franklyn Nnamdi-Okwedy

Nat Bury

Muriel Cole
Carl Murray

Danielle Igor


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