KUON Spring / Summer 2022 -Colors of Light

Seasonal Concept with 3 keywords

With the theme of ‘light,’ KUON created expressive clothing to enrich one’s heart. Light affects everything we see, and also what we are unable to see. Shadows, darkness, and color are inherently connected to vision, and thus to light. It is the dialogue between shadows and light which allows for the variety of visual effects. KUON expresses diversity through the use of a unique aesthetic sense of light, which seeks to find color even in darkness.

The normal means of communication have been severely limited throughout the pandemic. KUON created clothing to lift the spirit and to convey a form of communicating through clothing. For example, a shirt with Sakiori on the right sleeve symbolizes a handshake. Jackets and shorts are digitally printed with a patchwork motif that, from a distance appear hand-quilted, but upon drawing closer, perception shifts and you realize it is a print. A cardigan that mimics a rippled moire pattern with a see-through mesh fabric, a suit of Sashiko fabric shot through with silver lame threads that are visible depending on the light, both bring a sense of visual incongruity, intended provoke the eye and to stimulate communication.

Travel restrictions made us yearn for foreign lands. KUON created items inspired by a memory of the light in Mexico, which made such a powerful impression on designer Shinichiro Ishibashi during his travels. The use of tucks and pleats, inspired by origami, express a sense of exuberance through the metered rhythm of continuity.



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KUON is designed by Shinichiro Ishibashi.

KUON means “eternity,” “remote past” or “future,” and also “permanence”.

While appreciating the history and culture of vintage clothes and textiles, KUON always seeks for permanence, simplicity, and authenticity — to not be bound by traditional views. KUON seeks to challenge customary notions about vintage clothes and to revitalize them with new value.

“New things become old, but beautiful things remain beautiful.”



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