KJ Balla & Jay Gwuapo – Back To Back (Official Video)


[Intro: KJ Balla]
Yeah, huh
Yeah, huh
(Fast Life)
Yeah (Huh, yeah), yeah
Know the fuckin’ vibes, nigga (Yeah, huh)

[Chorus: KJ Balla]
Back to back, we gon’ pull up in a Wraith (Skrrt)
Put that boy in a grave
Blackout the chop, put a Glock to his face
Nigga, you die any day
Hop on a jet, take a flight to LA
Yeah, these niggas know how we play
These niggas copy the wave
Double-R, she feelin’ like she in space
I fuck a bitch and I’m puttin’ my mans on
Stuff ’em with bands when I’m puttin’ my pants on
Came up from nothing, you know what I stand on
Yeah, Rus Balla got the thing drawn
Keep a TEC when I ride in the street, huh
I cannot die in the street, so I hope in the booth and I ride on the beat (Okay)
Got your shorty, she ridin’ my meat (Let’s go)

[Verse 1: Jay Gwuapo]
Talkin’ hot, it could be murder today
Sturdy in the cut, get Sturdy away
Hop out, drive-bys
Wet it off and then we floodin’ away
Rus Balla with the action, see an opp and he be fiendin’ to put him away
Lil’ bro too small to be pickin’ and fightin’, so he gon’ go grip up the K
Fuck the talkin’, we ain’t hearin’ it
Send a verse, my niggas clearin’ it
We came up airin’ shit
Fuck it, though, I had to handle it
Dick in her mouth, she can’t handle it
I leave no space for no air in it
VVS on me iced out (Iced out)
Whenever we pull up, lights out (Lights out)
We might get to shooting, pipe down (Pipe down)
We might do your man’s type wild (Uh)
Rap niggas tryna talk, get exposed

My brother has gone, that shit hurt me the most
We find the killer, that boy gotta go
I put that on Sonata, we won’t make a show


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