KIDILL collaborates with artists the designer deeply respects; it pushes the innovation that defined KIDILL. For the SS22 collection the designer embraced the “inner pureness” that is deep under our eccentricity, and that defined the punk mentality for Hiroaki. British graphic artist Trevor Brown is one of the rare creators that pursuits the “inner pureness”. Trevor’s collaboration is incorporated in the collection with printed artworks on the garments and throughout the delicate frills and ribbons that decorates the tailored dress for men.

“One’s pursuit for their desires should be provided with purity and devotion. I always devote and intend myself to be able to show whom I want to be, constantly chasing what this could be. The obscure punk mindset could lead us into an unknown territory beyond human comprehension. I’m creating to find answers, and the deeper the pursuit, the mind grows with purity and clarity. Trevor’s artworks are a mix of kawaii and grotesqueness and having both of this concept coexisting is very fascinating. It could be seen as cruel and masochistic, but I could feel both madness and purity. This has taught me that evanescence, fragility, chaos, madness all exists in very close proximity.” says Hiroaki.

The collection will be presented at Sogetsu Plaza in Tokyo, an indoor rock garden ‘TENGOKU’ (heaven) built by the world-famous artist Isamu Noguchi. The space is a sanctuary recreating the “inner pureness” of the designer. The SS22 collection will also unveiled a collaboration, ‘Kinbaku’, with rope artist Hajime Kinoko. It will show the coexistence of physical restraint and mental freedom, a superb styling metaphor. Hajime Kinoko’s bondage rope work is one of the absolute forms of body art created with a strong bond of trust and intent between the binder. The bondage belt details, docked pieces of the harness and skirt resembles the mindset of Hajime Kinoko.

The show will also feature a performance by singer Junko, pioneer of Japanese Noise band ‘Hijyoukaidan’. Junko has an unrivaled presence with her extreme human sound that expresses the strength of solitude. This resonates to the KIDILL’s 22SS concept of ‘punk mentality’.

Director : Yusuke Ishida
Cinematographer : Hideaki Arai, Yu Nakajima, Keisuke Yamazaki
DIT : Rikiya Sakuma
Assistant director : Yuma Maehara, Herbert Hunger, Sayaka Botanic, Wakaba Nakazato
Assistant Camera : Kaito Furuhashi
Music : Albino Sound, Junko *HIJOKAIDAN
Colorlist : Yuma Maehara

Show Director : Michio Hoshina
Stylist : Tatsuya Shimada
Music : Junko *HIJOKAIDAN
Rope Art : Ropes Produced by Hajime Kinoko
Casting : Taka Arakawa *ALTER
Hair : Yutaka Kodashiro *mod’s hair
Make-up : Masayo Tsuda *mod’s hair
Collection Photos : Ko Tsuchiya
Backstage Photos : Kyohei Hattori
Writer : Tatsuya Yamaguchi
Show Coordinator : Azusa Nozaki
International Press : Ritual Projects
Japan Press : Sakas PR
Collaboration : Trevor Brown, EDWIN, Dickies, rurumu:,
Kids Love Gaite, Malcolm Guerre, Kousuke Shimizu

Models : Ano, Takeshi Asai, Dylan, Gabi, Javier, Kai, Kei, Keito, Kieron, Mamadou, Mash Shimizu, Mohamed, Myuuki, Noemie, Olga, Rebecca B, Ryuhei Chishima, Sano, Sen, Solana, Sumaya, Tiara, Yoh Keibai, Toya, Yuichiro Ozaki, Yuko Nagata, Yusuke Ueda


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