Julie Dash Tells the Story Behind the Iconic Costumes From ‘Daughters of the Dust’ | Vogue

“I was very excited by the opportunity to depict African-American women, or women from the African diaspora, in a way that was different from what I was seeing on television at the time or what I saw in blaxploitation films,” says Dash. Director Julie Dash sits down with Vogue to talk about her groundbreaking film, ‘Daughters of the Dust.’

Director: Courtney Yates @courtsyy
DP: Rachel Batashvili @rachelbatashvili
Editor: Tajah Smith @tajahmsmith_
Producer: Nicola Pardy
Associate Producer: Qieara Lesesne
Entertainment Director, Vogue: Sergio Kletnoy
Post-Production Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
Filmed on Location: The Mark Hotel

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